Historic Churches

Mooresburg , Tennessee is rustic and historic and beautiful. However, many modern families today would consider this region to be “not liveable” because of the lack of basic services and amenities that incorporated communities enjoy (public transportation, public libraries, or water resource management…etc.)

There is no street like Church Street in Mooresburg, TN. A unique and meaningful drive down Church Street is visually striking. It harkens visitors back to a time in history when one street often served as the main hub of the rural community.


Early settlers of this region had to fend for themselves and today, this guiding principle is very much unchanged. The county government struggles to provide the few services that are available. Mooresburg Community Association was formed in 2003 by a group of concerned citizens interested in addressing the most urgent needs of Mooresburg citizens…hunger and isolation.


We are grateful to our community partners and local churches. From individuals to historic congregations, they all come together in a great confluence of ideas to help Mooresburg Community Center provide that feeling of security people so desperately need. No person is denied participation with Mooresburg Community Association either as a volunteer or as a recipient of services.



Galbraith Methodist Church This church was built around 1875. The property was given by Andrew Galbraith. The Methodists and  Presbyterians shared the church with the Methodists having services Sunday mornings and the Presbyterians one Sunday afternoon per month.  A log church may have been on the site before the present church was built. The first gravestone in the church cemetery dates to 1810.  The church building is now the home of Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church, and is located on Quarryville Rd. near the TVA boat launching site. (Tom Shelton, March, 2003).


Big Hill Missionary Baptist Church

This church, started in 1878 with 67 charter members with Elder J.B. Pearch as the first pastor. The church has actually occupied 4 buildings. The first was a log structure, which has now been turned into a barn. The church then moved to what was called the “school-house” church. The building shown here was the third building and the one the church occupied for the longest period of time.  This church was torn down and the new church was built in 1987. (Orrick family records).  The church is located on Big Hill Road.


Mooresburg United Methodist Church

According to the minutes of the church, the church was started in 1993. Several prominent Mooresburg residents at the time such as James Maxwell, Jemmie Wright, and Eddie Petty were involved in starting the church.  The property was deeded to the church by the Summers family.  At that time the church was known as the Mooresburg Methodist Episcopal Church.  Before the church was built the Methodists and Presbyterians shared space for 50 years before the Methodist church was built, part of the time possibly in an old school house building. After the church was built, around 1905, some families split up on Sunday morning with part of the family going to the Methodist and the other to the Presbyterian Church across the street. An outstanding feature of the church is the beautiful stained glass in the windows, given by church members.  (Margaret Jack Sliger,written material and church records). The church is located on Church Lane.

Spruce Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church This church was founded as Baptist Church of Christ at Spruce Pine Grove in 1870 in a log building a short distance from the church pictured here.   A new log structure was built a little later and had special seating for men and for women.  In 1915 the members decided to tear down the log building and construct a new building, completed in 1916. It is unclear whether Rev. Dedrick Carpenter or Rev. Billy Kenner was the first pastor.  In 1978, under the guidance of Rev. Dayton Lovin, a new brick church building was built on another site on Hwy. 31. The building pictured here is still in use as a church by another congregation, the Old Spruce Pine Missionary Church and is located on Spruce Pine Road.


Mooresburg Presbyterian Church

The records from the church are lost at this writing. However, according to Methodist Church records, on December 25, 1902, W.S. Dickson and Lida Moore relinquished to the Presbyterian and Methodist ruling elders their claim to about one-half acre  on the north side of the road across from the current site of the Methodist Church.  Gertrude Moore, born in 1905, remembers that her father was the first Sunday school superintendent at the church, when she was a small child.  The church was closed in the 1940’s when many of its members had to move due to the building of the Cherokee Lake, and was empty for years, but now serves a new congregation.  The church is located on Church Lane.